General Information about the Collections 

Satakunta Museum preserves regional phenomena from the past and present day. The collections consist of materials from Satakunta Museum, Rosenlew, Museum and the Ark Nature Centre. 

The collections include objects, photographs, audio and video recordings, natural history samples, documents and works of art. The preserved cultural heritage may be material, such as pictures and objects, or immaterial, such as information, stories and practices. 

The Satakunta Museum collections comprise about 100 000 objects and 410 000 photographs. The numbers also include the archaeological collection and the industrial history Rosenlew Museum collection. There are 35 000 natural history samples in the Ark Nature Centre collection. The museum maintains the Satakunta Archives and reference libraries, with altogether 30 800 volumes. 

The collections are accumulated with careful consideration, as there is limited space for the collection. Only a small portion of the collections are on show in the museum exhibitions. 

In the Satakunta Museum collections team there is an intendant, two amanuenses, two conservators, a secretary responsible for information services and a museum specialist. These museum professionals account for the care of the collections, permanent preservation and the accessibility of the information concerning the collections. 

Browse the Satakunta Museum collections in Finna.  
The Collections Policy is a document on the museum collections and their care. It is only available in Finnish.