Donations to Collections 

Museums preserve both aged and modern materials. The collections are accumulated according to a plan, and whether a donation is accepted is always assessed case by case. Only material related to Pori and Satakunta is accepted in Satakunta Museum collections.   

The museums in Finland have mutually agreed on the division of preservation work. The Satakunta Museum national responsibility areas since 2019 are nuclear power, personal celebrations and heating equipment. In addition to these, the museum also preserves material related to other areas of life. 

When you are thinking of a donation for the museum 

  • First contact the museum preferably by e-mail. Attach a picture and detailed information on your material. If you contact us by telephone, be prepared to describe the quality and history of the material you are offering for the museum. 
  • Every donation offer is discussed in a meeting of museum professionals, where based on the given information and possibly a photograph it is decided if the material should be included in the museum collections.  
  • Be prepared to visit the museum to present the object and to sign the donation agreement. In case of donations an agreement between both parties is drawn, transferring the material to the museum irreversibly. Without the agreement signed by the donator the museum cannot accept donations. 
  • When you bring an item to the museum it is best to keep it in as original form as possible. Do not clean or mend it.  

Why the museum sometimes declines donations  

  • The material is outside of Satakunta region or the collection responsibility 
  • The material has no significance to the collection because of the lack of background information or similar, in which case it cannot be used in exhibitions, teaching or research 
  • The material is in poor condition or for another reason difficult to preserve or use  
  • The material is better suited for some other museum or collection  
  • The collections already contain similar material, and the subject area is already well represented 
  • Museums rarely accept donations with special conditions.  

If you want to donate to a museum, contact: 

Object collections: amanuensis Hanna Jaakola, tel. 044 701 1059,   

Archaeological collection: archaeologist Leena Koivisto, tel. 044 701 0930, 

Picture and archive collections: amanuensis Minna-Liisa Salonsaari, tel. 044 701 1062,  

Natural history collections: amanuensis Hilkka Viitala, tel. 044 701 1055, 

Books and magazines: secretary Pirjo Nybacka, tel.  044 701 4594,