Permanent Exhibition: Elon merkkejä – Signs of Life 

For millennia Satakunta has been a region for being, living, eating, working, celebrating and suffering. What is left of all that today? — Signs of Life!

The Satakunta Museum permanent exhibition Elon merkkejä – Signs of Life describes the Pori and Satakunta of past and present generations. The three exhibition floors are filled with stories of life in the region, its phenomena and the local characters. There is loads to see, do and explore for the whole family! 

Visitors get to peek into homes of different eras, study changes in Pori cityscape or admire the clothing styles from the Iron Age all through to 20th century. A museum visit would not feel right without a moment spent admiring classic favourites like the great scale model of Pori or the tranquil Pekkala village shop. 

The Elon merkkejä – Signs of Life exhibition activates both children and adults. Visitors get to play shop, drive toy cars of the streets of Pori and even plow a field with a horse – well, almost! 

The Elon merkkejä – Signs of Life exhibition is effortlessly accessible on one’s own or by booking a guided tour. 

The exhibition wall texts are in Finnish and in English. The object texts on the tablet computers are mainly in Finnish